Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2nd Week in Argentina...


This week we did a ton of walking. and clapping at houses.  but we now have 11 new investigators.  and 4 of them have committed to a baptismal date! 3 of them are scheduled to be baptised on November 2nd, and the other investigator is scheduled for baptism on November 19th.  The people here are so humble & so nice!
Two of our investigators were found while we were on our way to teach a lesson to a potential investigator.  We were walking past some food markets, and my companion stopped by to buy an apple real quick.  And the man that worked at this little market we were at started a conversation with us - And he was so nice!!  Then his cute wife, who also works there, joined the conversation too.  We ended up giving them some pamphlets from the church, and he asked us, "how many pasos do these cost?" and we told him they were free, and he got really excited!
Later that night we came back to that little market, and he wanted us to come inside and have a lesson with him and his wife!  So we did, and then afterwards the wife wanted a picture of her and i, because i have blonde hair.  haha :)  Apparently there´s not a lot of blondes in Posadas.  So yeah, then her husband took a picture of us.
Oh Thursday night, we went to a cute little restaurant to eat dinner.  & the lady that worked there asked us what church we were from, and wanted us to come back to have a lesson with her.  So we came back on Saturday night, & her daughter was there too.  So we had a lesson with the lady and her daughter, and they both committed to being baptised on November 2nd :)  They are so cute and so nice!
Sunday was mother´s day for Argentina.  So after Sacrament meeting, all the women in the branch got together in the branch president´s office, & we watched a cute mormon message video about mother´s day.  One of the cutest quotes i heard from this video was this: "Life didn´t come with a manual, it came with a mother" :)
After church, we had lunch at a less-active´s house.  And they had a whole pig rosting over a fire in their backyeard!  Like, a whole pig!  So that´s what they fed us.  Along with bread & 7-up.  Afterwards i got my picture taken with the pig´s head.
After lunch it was a long walk home, & it was super hot outside, and my companion and i were exhausted. So we took a small nap.  And it was soooooo nice.  It was my first Sunday nap in months.
Later that evening we had a lesson with an investigator... & she committed to being baptised on November 19th :)
It´s starting to get really hot here in San Viente... but i have a cool tan line now! :)
Oh, & we have a huge cckroach hiding in our apartment somewhere.  When i found him, i tried to catch him and kill him, but he ran up the wall really fast, & hid in our ceiling... Now we can´t find him.
We have been working with the elders every day so far, & they are awesome!  We have so much fun with them.  One of them is a black elder from Equador, speaks only spanish, and he{s like a giant brown monkey with the biggest smile!  And he loves to cheer people up.  Right now his companion has been trying to teach him a little English.  And so far his favorite two things to say are, "Was´up bro??" & "Aw fetch!!"  He is so funny.  & his name is Elder Landires.
His companion, elder Burke, is from Orem, Utah.  & he´s helped me so much.  He´s pretty much the only person i can speak english to right now, and he{s helped a lot with translating everything for me.  And he´s a goof-ball.  We have had sooo much fun with him.  He´s hilarious.  And he kind of looks like Pter-Pan/Justin Bieber.  But yeah, they´re funny.

Oh, and i just found out that bubble-wrap packages can get here in less than a month!
& when you email me, you can write as much as you want.  Because i print all my emails off!

I love you all very very much :)

con amor,
hermana holmes

ps:  Oh, and there´s no such thing as dinner here.  They just have a huge lunch and that´s it.

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  1. Hi! We found your blog while searching about the Posadas mission. Our daughter just got called to serve there and leaves July 26. We are the most stressed about what clothes to send with her. Would you email me if you see this and we can chat about all the things you would recommend? Thanks! Jetgirl1974@yahoo.com -Amy Allen